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  • EPAY INDIA , Providing solutions to the service industry with ONE STOP SHOP.
    EPAY INDIA ” is an electronic commerce retail portal purely for Business to Business (B2B) only for selling services belonging to various principals of EPAY INDIA as the Master Distributor / Distributor / Retailer for its principals.
  • We offer convenient solutions to all your electronics payments like prepaid recharges, travel booking, utility payments and banking services etc. Our day-to-day domestic and official payment facilities guarantee complete peace of mind.
  • Instead of standing in queues and making late payment charges, we offer a novel idea to manage bill payments and much more sitting from your desk. It offers you flexibility of time and management of your expenses better. With the vast experience of API solutions, EPAY started its journey in B2B from June’ 2020 with a small team and small network from Haryana. Now company’s major focus to increase our distribution Network throughout India.
    EPAY INDIA is a leading financial institution that provides a broad range of banking & financial services, including
  • Current & Saving Account
    Lending (MSME Loans)
    Life & General Insurance
    B2B Payments through POS, M-ATM, QR,AEPS
    Utility Bill payments (BBPS)
    Travel Bookings
    Smart DTH Box and much more……Currently we are running on a B2B model, where we engaged with retail community and enable them to provide assisted financial & consumer services to their local area/market. Our user-friendly (app/web) solutions are designed to make transactions seamless, quick and easy and strives to empower our retail partners and their customers.
    We believe everyone deserves to be financially secured, confident and independent.0

Ajay Walia (Director)

"With an illustrious background as an ex-Army Para Commando, Ajay brings over 20 years of diverse experience spanning the military, transportation, and financial sectors. His keen insight and remarkable expertise extend to equity, crypto, and market share domains. As the co-founder of Payhub Fintech Pvt. Ltd., Ajay seamlessly translates his leadership skills from the military to successfully manage our company. His unwavering commitment, strategic vision, and unparalleled management prowess drive Payhub's success in the dynamic fintech landscape. A true leader with a proven track record, Ajay steers us towards innovation and excellence."

Manoj Ahlawat ( Director )

Drawing upon over a decade of sales and marketing expertise, complemented by four years in the finance sector and profound insights in trading, encompassing shares and cryptocurrencies, our team offers unparalleled depth. With a strong focus on management and forex trading, we consistently deliver exceptional results, driven by our wealth of experience and insight.

Mandeep ahlawat ( Heads of Finance )

With over a decade of expertise spanning sales, marketing, finance, trading, and cryptocurrency, our team boasts a wealth of knowledge in management and forex trading. We navigate the intricacies of global markets with seasoned proficiency, offering unparalleled insights and strategies to drive success in the dynamic world of finance.